Your perfect bridal hair…

Getting in shape… A workout… For your hair!!

Getting your hair in shape for your wedding can be super difficult! There are a few key things to consider, some starting well before the day itself.


The same as you look after your skin, you want to start thinking about the condition of your hair. Do you have any concerns? Dandruff, oily, dry/brittle or dull? All of these problems can be combated with the right product, however for the product to actually work it needs time, so start treating your hair ASAP!!

Some of my favourite products for getting your hair in tip top condition…

Flakey scalp?? Try Philip Kingsley, Exfoliating Scalp mask. This gorgeous mask soothes the scalp and gets rid of any build up and dryness. It can be introduced into your weekly routine,

Oily Scalp?? Try Bumble and Bumble Sunday shampoo. This shampoo is pretty powerful so just be mindful of overuse if you have chemically treated hair. However used once a week can be the key to ridding yourself of that sebum build up!!

Dry/Brittle hair?? Try Pureology Hydrate Superfood Mask. Packed with loads of gorgeous ingredients and no nasties!! This mask feels indulgent and leaves your hair feeling and smelling amazing!!

Dull coloured hair?? Try Aveda!! Aveda do some amazing shampoos and conditioners for your specific colour. Whether you want to brighten your blonde or add richness to your brunette locks then Aveda has the answer for you.

At every single trial with my brides I give personalised advice on how to get the hair in the very best condition by the wedding day and how to continue to keep it looking amazing.

The Natural way…

Some of my personal tried and tested methods I swear by!

Castor Oil… I absolutely love this as a pre-shampoo treatment! Not only does it make the hair look and feel amazing, it actually helps it grow!!

Wet the hair with warm water and take a small amount of the oil (it is quite thick!). Massage the oil into the scalp, be sure to take your time to ensure the scalp is covered and relax as you work it into the scalp. Don’t worry about the ends as you will have a hard time trying to shampoo out and the product works from the scalp trough to the length of the hair. Cover with a hair wrap or clip out the way for at least 15 minutes. Shampoo well, and condition as normal!

It can also be used as a treatment for eyelashes and eybrows too!! Although not too much, if you get any product in your eyes be sure to wash out with water…

Coconut Oil… A true wonder product! Really moisturising, and smells amazing too!!

In the same way as the castor oil I use this as a pre-shampoo treatment. Wet the hair with warm water then apply warmed coconut oil (warming it to a liquid state will be easier to distribute through the hair!) in sections through the lengths and ends. Comb with a wide tooth comb to ensure an even distribution, wrap and leave for at least 15 minutes (sometimes I sleep in it!). Shampoo well, and condition as normal.

Also can be used as a makeup remover, moisturiser for the skin, lip balm… try mixing with a little sugar for a great natural exfoliator!!

Apple Cider Vinegar… It may seem a little strange but this product has a number of amazing uses! Make sure it is the real deal though and contains ‘The Mother’, the super ingredient that makes this product work!

As a hair treatment use it as a final rinse for amazing shine, making sure you rinse fully!!

To chop or to grow…

Are you thinking, now I’ve got engaged, time to grow my hair??

Whatever you do please don’t compromise on condition… without trying to sound harsh some hair quite simply does not do well when it is long!!

If your hair is shoulder length but you dream of a long boho down style, fear not! The answer lies in extensions!! There are some really good quality extension brands out there now, so you can quite simply clip in your perfect style!! There is also so much you can do with shorter hair that looks incredible!

For you fine haired ladies wishing to have a volumous updo? There are many ways to achieve the desired style using padding or extensions. Meaning you can stop dodging your hairdresser!!

So… For the perfect mane of hair… Treat it to regular trims or tidy ups, invest in a good treatment for problem hair and down the natural way!!

If you have any questions about looking after or getting your hair in shape please get in touch, I would love to hear from you!

Neecol x

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