Choosing a Hair and Makeup Artist for a Wedding…

Getting ready for your wedding is one of the many special moments of your big day. The whole morning is centred around you getting ready for that beautiful moment walking down the aisle.

Having the right people around you for these last few hours is the key to a stress free, relaxed time. You have hand picked your bridesmaids and invited your closest family to get ready with you. Your hair and makeup artist will be with you all getting you spruced up potentially from the moment you wake up to the moment you leave! This is why it is so important to pick someone that will complement the day. Here are a few key things to bear in mind when choosing your artist…

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  • Do you have a particular style in mind? If you have decided you want your hair and makeup a certain way, have a look at a few artists work, see if they have anything similar to what you like in their portfolio. This way you already know their style matches your expectations.
  • Don’t have any idea on a style? You can do the same thing, have a look at the galleries and portfolios of artists for inspiration. Try and concentrate on the ‘real brides’ as these photos will not have been edited.
  • Do you know someone already? If you’ve already had you makeup and hair done by an artist for a special occasion or event and loved it, it could be the perfect opportunity to bag the artist for your wedding as well!
  • Getting married abroad? If you are nervous about getting your hair and makeup done abroad why not see if a UK artist will travel for your wedding! Many artists now offer destination weddings in their packages. It may cost a little more as there will be expenses to consider however, you can conduct the trial in the UK and all communication is also in the UK. Any problems or second trials can then easily be sorted out.
  • What are your expectations? There are a lot of tricks and tips now available which can make your desired hair style more achievable. Have you seen an elaborate up do but you only have a bob? Certain styles can be achieved with the use of padding and hair extensions. You just need to think about how you want to feel on the day, will it take you too out of your comfort zone? Talk to your artist about your hair and how you would love it to look, they will be able to suggest the right path to go down.
  • Don’t go too off piste! Hair and makeup and the way you present yourself on your wedding day is so personal to you. It may not be the day to try something completely different! Have a think about your personal style on a day to day basis, or how you would look on a night out or special occasion. This style should reflect in your chosen bridal look, we should still see ‘you’ shining through the makeup. However, if you are used to changing it up a bit and wearing a lot of makeup then it could be a great opportunity to showcase a new look!
  • Talk to your artist! Let them know exactly what you like and don’t like. For most artists it is the first time doing your hair and makeup unless you are a client of theirs, they are not mind readers! If you like your eyeliner a particular way then have a picture, everyone has different ways of doing things and no one way is the right way so talking concerns or particulars through can be the difference between going round in circles!PSS-257
  • If you are not happy after your trial it isn’t the end of the world. Again, speak to your artist about your concerns, are your expectations unrealistic, is their particular style not suited to you, do you not like the products. Some things can be ironed out with a repeat trial or just talking things through, so don’t panic! Most artists will adapt to what is concerning you and it may be something very simple. The key is communication.
  • Have fun! Your artist has chosen to be a hair and makeup artist because they absolutely love what they do! All they want is for you to be happy, so enjoy the experience!


Hopefully these few ideas should give you an idea on what to think about when looking for a hair and makeup artist. Any feedback or anything I have missed please get in touch!

Happy hunting xx

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